Thursday, June 24, 2010


rumble, deep and low
thunder, bombs, machines...?

the monk knows
slips off his sandals
grips the Earth


  1. Earthquakes humble us all, even a monk as you write.

  2. I was first and the wife was second being tossed out of our water bed during the Northridge quake in Oxnard, CA. Transformers blew and power lines slapped together.. we thought someone was bombing the Navy base nearby. Crazy.. 10 seconds vs 5 minutes I can't imagine the terror.

  3. Perhaps if we all slip off our sandals and grip the earth, we could be better at keeping this world together. Not to take away from the tragedy that is unfolding. Just a thought that comes to mind with the imagery of those last lines.

  4. it is sad to have earthquake..

    well capture of the sentiment of it on a particular case.
    Happy Sunday.

  5. I love the image of the monk griping the earth with his feet. We all need to touch Mother Earth directly - and soon - if she is to have any hope of keeping her balance. Good one, Ollie!

  6. I have learned not to grip too tightly...

  7. aah even the earth is tired...the monk knows..

    yes a very deep topic, indeed!

    Thanks for visiting, have posted one more.

  8. LOL wonderfully short and timely and meaningful, Monk. :) Grasp on.

  9. Old Ollie,
    I depend on people like tired monk, to pray for me during this time.
    He is much closer to the earth than I am.
    Very caring words today......

    Best Regards, Eileen

  10. Gripping the earth at the time of earth's great need is all one can do. Nice poem, Ollie.


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