Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Tired Monk and the Red Stratocaster

plug in
boom, growl, hum
adjust the gain
tweak the treble
choose the channel
barre chords, rhythmic n'solid
old power chords
up the neck
robe swirls
in circles as the windmills spin
finger ache grows
back and arms sore
the Red Stratocaster put back
on the stand
a free hand takes the tea
from the top of the amp


  1. Glad the monk got that out of him. Need to do that. Even a monk with a father's duties!


  2. i see that Strat all nicked and maimed from road use like a well worn boot
    i see tubed amps and hear anolog tunes
    from some guy playing chords he had forgotten
    a long time ago

    good one on you Ollie.


  3. So cool. Love the tea on top of the amp. The Tired Monk rocks out, and then takes tea. Lovely!

  4. I, like Sherry, enjoyed the juxtaposition of the tea.

  5. Let me listen while you strum...

  6. What an interesting combo. The rocking monk and a nice cup of tea. Love this!


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