Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tired Monk Coffee Master

the old grinder
perfect pot brewer
busy in holy task
demand surges
for these well honed skills

Based on this tragic news headline: Tim Hortons Increase Canary in a Coal Mine When it Comes to Costlier Fast Food

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  1. Monks eat sugar? I'm shocked! Hee hee. Love your tired monk wisdom, Ollie. Love the "busy in holy task". I feel the same about my morning tea.

  2. We all need some sugar in our lives

  3. Interesting poem! hmm..yes agreed kodjo

  4. the brewmaster Robusta
    come, please come to our
    sorry morning eyes

    "sir, may i have more?"

    "you may at a cost,
    a much higher cost!"

    oh man this will hurt won't it.


  5. We can't even get Tim Horton's here in the States (at least where I am.) I had it in Canada and have been jonesing for it since! I think they lace it with some addictive substance (other than caffeine) because it is SO GOOD!

  6. Definitely agreed, Kodjo. And as for the poem - Sweet.

  7. Old Ollie,
    Tired Monk, is the master of many tasks.
    Coffee keeping is a most important responsibility, every day!


  8. I love the smell of coffee.
    well capture of the master.

  9. That's a real Tired Monk sort of picture you've got there Ollie.

  10. is a canary a habit? is there help or at least penance?

  11. it is such a cultural oddity - this tim horton's thing. the more tragic facet of it for me is that the company isn't owned by Canadians and yet we derive so much identity from it. as perplexing as anything Canadian, i think.

    you make me laugh. (i just wrote a tim horton's piece a week or so ago. i'll have to find it.)


  12. Now I feel like a cup of gooood coffee..

  13. There's a big demand for this service in my home as well, Ollie. I'd like to have it delivered to me at my computer, too. My needs are great.

  14. I'm not looking forward to the Timmy's increase but with food prices going up everywhere I'm not surprised. They are still one of the more affordable fast food/coffee joints.

  15. Love this; makes me want a cup,noooowwww!

  16. No experience of Tim Horton's but love the post, and the blog - and if there is a cup going - yes please!


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