Friday, May 10, 2019

of prophets and pick-up trucks

truck rolled up
window rolling down

"hey monk
...the Apocalypse has started
   it is happening now
   for some people
   the ones out on the edge
   seems like slow motion to us friend,
   but it is on God's time, yes God's time
   ...anyway just thought you'd wanna know."

truck peels out
laying a muddy rut
all the way up the shoulder
one last honk and a wave,
as the prophet turns the corner.


  1. love the in God's time...and that is different for each of us - eternal and ever pressing forward even in muddy ruts...bkm


  2. Square Corner:
    When it comes to the Apocalypse, always listen to the prophet. Nice to see you are writing more. Monk is where it's at.

  3. The speaks to the grit and grace of the country life and the spiritual life. Always enjoy my trips to Humbucker Poems.

  4. “as the prophet turns the corner” ... lol, love this


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