Tuesday, May 7, 2019


somewhere in Montana cabin
a full three miles past the last power post
tucked up on the tree edge
beside cool rocky creek water
rough hewn timber and stone
invisible from down the mountain

inside a bed, a table, a bookshelf
1972 edition of playboy
yellowed Kurt Vonnegut novels
 a Holy Bible
polaroids fall to the floor
pics from a party
moonshine jars and guitars
mugging it up for the camera

 - down in the town I was told some "movie type"
    used to own this cabin

later a nighttime fireside read
sleeping dog's rest disturbed
by mountain goat scuffles
candles flicker n'fade
running red wax down
the Mateus bottle


  1. i love description of all the items on the bookself - the bookselfs of our lives are often a reminder of who we are and what we have become...especially since 1972...bkm

  2. I can see that cabin, you describe it so well. A nice spot to retreat to, for sure.

  3. I used to love doing this:
    “running red wax down
    the Mateus bottle”


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