Wednesday, June 16, 2021


I'm with Holden
ready to head north
a solitary cabin
front door held open
by an acoustic guitar 
for a cooling lake breeze

slow beer buzz...all day
sitting on the deck
oaks and white pines above

on darker days
I think of going further
home to Ireland, maybe Scotland
out far on a point
rugged sea washed
small lonely monk island


  1. Holden. Like Holden Caufield. But this Holden is more at peace with himself, even in darkness... the wandering, searching Holden who seeks solace against a rough Celtic sea. What happens next with Holden, I wonder?

  2. I can almost see that "small lonely monk island." Heaven knows we feel the need to retreat to small islands these days to find some peace.

  3. Yes sometimes, we need a silent retreat into the depths of the dark

  4. Stunning. Especially the cabin and acoustic guitar.


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