Wednesday, June 2, 2021


been a monk for just over 10 years
decade of tonsures and robes

up truck driver early
brewing tea
...and french press coarse grind coffee

sweeping, praying...yeah I'm praying right now.
working through daily duties
tending the temple
walking the dogs
playing guitar in the garden
writing/reading sacred poems

shooting hoops in the driveway
reverse layups - robes flying
ignoring the long looks 
as the neighbours drive by



  1. I wouldn't give "long looks," but it would be uncommon to see someone in robes shooting hoops in my neighborhood! So, I hope I would be forgiven for just a first glance. Then, I'd figure you out, and no need to look next time I drive by! You give me an education into the modern monk with every poem you write! Thank you.

  2. I'd want to bring over some wine and my lawn chair! I dig unusual!

  3. I LOVE this glimpse of the tired monk, robes flying as he shoots hoops....and yes, you are praying while you go through all of your routines.....this may be my favourite poem of yours ever, Ollie. If I were still doing it, it would be my Poem of the Week. Smiles.

  4. You remind me of "Father Brown" on English TV. Do you help the law save people innocently accused? Have a car, bicycle, or motor scooter?

  5. Sounds like an idyllic life.... There must be no shortage of recruits....Waiting list?

  6. Dutch and a monk You are probably second generation dutch? I am curious now and you live in the USA? That's unusual I only met some monks in Belgian who made delicious beer on their monestry 'Chemai' beer

    1. My wife is Dutch...and the temple dog (a schapendoes). I love my beer brewing brother monks.

  7. Now I wonder if you mean active prayer, as in every activity done in the service of God being a form of prayer, or do you mean that you are constantly prayerful in your mind as a background to all the activities? You make it sound like fun, anyway! Which I am sure the Deity welcomes.

  8. It's always good to read work like this ane be able to visualize the scene so well.

  9. Ten years of shooting hoops, and that sound, that Zen swoosh as it goes through that musical net always sounds as if you are hearing it for the first time. That's the imagery I get from this fine poem.

  10. It sounds like a serene, lovely, and even fun life.


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