Saturday, April 30, 2022

Comment from 2017

Comment from 2017

"Shame on you.
You should be praying nonstop
like my Pops who's a priest
in Nigeria, working hard
for the salvation of human kind...
not spending your time on poetry.
Shame on you.
Jesus, gave mercy on his soul."

shame...sure, but not from poetry
my poems are non-stop prayers
connecting to God
connecting to anonymous friend
connecting to your father priest
firing off even more mercy, blessings,
instant forgiveness, kindness
of salvation, love, peace, 
redemption in a new world
humanity singing a new song

...poetry is the work brother


  1. Beautifully well spoken Yes God is love and beauty and through beauty we connect

  2. Wow, gloriously riposted!

    Obviously your critic was forgetting the likes of Thomas Merton, (the later) John Donne, Gerard Manly Hopkins, all the hymn writers....

    1. Oh yes, and there was King David too.

    2. And a further thought – perhaps, also, the work is poetry?

    3. I love that thought Rosemary.

  3. Your "judge's" comment made me think of a saying "Some people are so heavenly-minded they are no earthly good." Your comment to anon was beautiful "my poems are non-stop prayers, connecting to God, connecting to anonymous friend"
    Keep on praying your beautiful poems.

  4. That person has some serious issues. And thank goodness, you know that none of said issues have a thing to do with you. Your response is very kind.

  5. Yes, sometimes we get very one-sided comments, but your response was excellent, hard hitting, yet gentle and kind.
    This reminds me of the time when parents were pushing their children into science/engineering schools, even though the child was gifted or interested in the arts like music and writing, because they thought Science is a better route to a career.

  6. Oh my goodness! I am loving that you chose to post the (unkind) comment and your (kind) response. Bravo!

  7. Poetry is a prayer. All the psalms are poetic prayers.

  8. Your response is beautiful and far more eloquent and polite than I would have been (I would have doubled over in laughter).

  9. Yes, so many ways to pray. Shame is blame and not a holy thing in the least.


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