Tuesday, April 12, 2022


wet open buggy swale
this spring the bats will feast
tonight hoot owls soar
snatching up mice, voles, rabbits

ducks float
hidden down deep in the ditch
eating a fallen burger bun

tom turkey -  tail aloft
gathering up his lovely hens
 - a coyote watches from the forest hill

bent necked songbird - dead
kicked along a cracked city sidewalk


  1. I love all the bird activity, and the watching coyote......sad for the deceased songbird. One of the images from Ukraine that really impacted me was that of a small bird, still alive, but with a head injury from the shelling. Sigh.

  2. OMG so vivid, so realistic. Even in terms of a metaphor i can read among the normal activity, the sad state of war. The bird with broken neck can represent the present situation in Ukraine

    Thanks gor dropping by my blog today


  3. Well done! Vividly told and grim.

  4. Nature has teeth and claws, even if we'd like to forget that sometimes. Humans are far less sentimental about the mosquitos eaten by the bats (and most aren't all that sentimental about bats either). What moves us to tears and what we shrug off says something about ourselves.

  5. Poor songbird. Your images are strong!

  6. vivid imagery.
    in the city here, we often see bird roadkill.

  7. Raw and real ,Life isn't pretty !


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