Friday, October 27, 2023

El Día de Muertos

a little wall hung shrine
golden framed photo
of a tiny one
born with a broken heart
ceramic knick-knack 
kept on display
for 45 years
cross stitched art
dates of birth and death
not a mote of dust

today - this 
el Día de Muertos
a new candle is lit


  1. Succinct words only serve to increase the power of the thoughts which lead you to write these lines. Neatly done.

  2. What a beautiful gift you have for effective understatement.

  3. You express with great fragility the powerful impact of a very dear and unforgettable life.

  4. Such a sweet must have been there? I've heard stories, seen photos and blog posts and souvenirs, but never seen this day observed.

  5. My heart aches after reading this one. The sense of loss and grief fight with the joy of remembrance. Bittersweet.


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