Sunday, October 29, 2023

fragments from the road

rearview make-up applied
gas pedal pressed to make up last time
stop signs rolled and full out blown

Lexus bumper suspended
with shredding duct tape
bent plastic fenders line the ditch

"kids" laying rubber out by the lake
Coors can rolling on the shoulder
beside the new black stripes


  1. Kids will do that as the years roll on........great, circular black tracks in the pavement, grinding gears, roaring engines - while we oldsters worry they will crash.

  2. Like that line about duct tape and bent plastic fenders. Kinda' that post apocalyptic vibe...Mad Max and "Coors can rolling on the shoulder..." Digging the imagery.

  3. Brother Ollie,
    Such vivid imagery depicting the closing scenes from an impacting movie...along the lines of Raising Arizona...superbly captured by your words...


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