Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogger Wisdom

drip ripping,
in roller coaster surges
but wait...
I'm desk sitting
fight or flight
over files
not fright

work: a soul kicking
adding to my shoulder chips
death decisions
as I pretend to live

borrow blogger wisdom:
be Solomon coming hard
out of a Square Corner
reflect and let go
pour this adrenal rage
into a deep blog hole

Thanks to S.Q. and the Dox
for lending me the shovel.


  1. 'reflect and let go'. Good advice, especially in those chaotic moments.

  2. Powerful, Ollie. Not always a tired monk, I see:) Great writing!

  3. The blog stands outside of time. It's a third eye.
    Keep 'em coming Olie. Don't be afraid to confiscate a a few IPhones when they go off in class.

  4. smart and inspirational piece.
    so fabulously done.


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