Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Haystack Deep

leaf pile raised high
haystack deep
fling the robes around
hood up
descend in, covered
escape the crisp fall wind
afternoon nap
in nature's quilt

rough shake:
abbot pokes with rake
and stern look

"I was just embracing my Tired Monkness"


  1. I would love to embrace my Tired Monkness. Taking a nap in a pile of leaves sounds like just the way.

  2. Ah, Fall and the tired monk. Like raking leaves on a crisp, cool day.

  3. Nice. Monks get tired. Two steps from seeing the moon for the first time. I like this abbot, he doesn't fuck around.

  4. Oh I can so relate!!!! I do "tired" with perfection, so at least in something I have achieved it:)I love this one the best!

  5. Great creativity.. Best Ollie

    Infact, my friends do address me as Oliie!!


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