Thursday, October 7, 2010


truck sitting, parking lot blues
waiting for the courage to go in
"to work"
big sigh and begin
over shards of glass
past graffiti trash

my day of fists and fights
crowds storming forward
to see the blows reign
and the wet face of pain
trying to look tough

alarms pulled
fires lit, dumpster smolders
I stand amazed,
in this bureaucratic craze:
as the admin team steps in,
but don't step up

Kid says: "this your job?"
it is
witness close and true
then papers, forms, reports
all adjective free
files of blood, glass, and tears


  1. Don't believe we've met yet, Old Ollie. Nice reading your work. Does sound like a pretty difficult day!

  2. You have been inspired to write a great poem. Thank, Ollie

  3. Old Ollie,
    It certainly felt like you had just about had enough of that day!
    A wonderful read and response to the poetry prompt.

  4. Great read - difficult job! So well done, thank you!

  5. I think I've seen your name before. It was indeed a hard day/1

  6. life is full of drama here..
    hope that you find peace at last.

    powerful piece,
    well done!

  7. A very descriptive piece Ollie. I particularly liked the concluding stanza - very powerful.

  8. Old Ollie you are a pretty good guy with a pretty tough job. Great Think Tank! Hope you have a good weekend! :-)

  9. step in but not up... love it. Love and Light, Sender

  10. Your poem spoke to me, and voiced the helplessness we, as educators, feel at times. Have you seen Waiting for Superman? i hear it's excellent and am planning on seeing it.


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