Thursday, March 1, 2012

death, burial, resurrection

first told about being
reborn in a blessed baptism
in the midst of a dump run
deep and dirty

what better place?

...You should get baptised...even Jesus did.

oh sure
I had old lingering monk vows
but my robes remained dry
but flecked with twenty more years
of dump heap dirt

thoughts kept flowing back
to garbage dump wisdom

more and more novices looked
to me
to lead

I repented of sin and religion
changed red robes for white

being reborn
can be a process
slow to sudden like any birth


  1. Garbage dump wisdom... I like that. = )

  2. Definitely rebirth can be either slow or sudden. Seldom does it happen overnight.

  3. Old Ollie,

    Sometimes even with great intentions, we lose our way in life a little. In the light of day, we sometimes repent.....

    Great words Ollie,


  4. Insight can be found in odd places. Love that line...garbage dump wisdom.

  5. The seed of truth here, that rebirth is a process, rings out and proves the veracity of the piece and the poet. Really well put together.

  6. Oh this is a wise reflective poem. Love the "slow to sudden like any birth".

  7. I like the last verse...very well done ~

  8. Well Done, I love the slow to sudden thought~ You captured the essence so well~

  9. Yeah...rebirth is a process. Well done.

  10. Some of my most reflective thinking has occurred on a Saturday morning dump run with the pick-up windows down, sweatshirt sleeves forearm high, and a hot cup of coffee sloshing on the seat. Oh, I think I have spring fever now. Rebirth? You betcha. Thank you OO.

  11. It may be garbage dump wisdom, but wisdom nonetheless. Another gem!

  12. slow to sudden. Like birth or death it just takes it's own sweet time, don't it?

  13. The dump can be quite an inspirational place eh? Very interesting read indeed.

  14. "I repented of sin and religion." I can identify with that because I have done the same. Love this piece!


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