Monday, March 5, 2012

Morning Monk Work

that morning work
that morning monk work
readying and rousing
a temple

like monks world over:
prayers, poems, fire stoking,
tea brewing, sacred breakfast prep

in the tired monk temple
there is snow shovelling,
morning weight bench meditation
temple dog walking
and a dark forest coffee

..temple cat demands a break from
all this nasty scuttling work
she needs attention, warm and purring
on monk robes

the main duty
the key duty

set the novices on the path


  1. That morning work just never seems to end! And nothing like a cat to demand that you take a break. A solid poem.

  2. A cat has a way of making all things stop—if only for a moment.

  3. i'll join you in that dark forest coffee and petting the cat. but can i skip the weight bench?

  4. good stuff. those novices more work than the cat, though the cat would argue as to priorities.

  5. Monk work that includes a it. I can feel the activity in this one...I should begin my own work, but here I sit.

  6. Oh I love this poem. Such a good monk, readying the temple for the day. I especially love "the key duty: set the novices on the path." Yes, and you do that so well and honorably, Ollie. Bravo!

  7. what sagely metaphors sir! understatedly powerful as usual.

  8. I love the involvement of the temple dog and cat in the early morning routine of this tired monk.

  9. Yes, animals definitely need attention! In fact, DEMAND attention!

  10. 'set the novices on the path' is the key here, and a very important duty, too...

  11. Cats....will not be denied, no matter what the work involved it seems. I nice peek into another world, and the last lines....fantastic.

  12. No wonder the monks are so well - trained ~

    Enjoyed this ~

    And no, I have no plans of writing a novel ~ I have a short attention span :-)

  13. If the novices are set on the right path, even morning work is worth the doing.

  14. This made me smile...loved the "sacred breakfast prep". Even the most mundane tasks can be holy.

  15. i have a special place in my heart for monk-imagery. and monks in general. this is terrific. just the right light-handling, and a zero's in finish.
    it's the end of my day here, but i'll prep the tea pot for the morning ritual.

  16. The tiredness can really be felt in this one.

    Awesome stuff.

  17. Cats! the cats, they always argue your priorities.

  18. and when we fail the novices?

    (oh, ollie. it was a rough night. how do we know how to do right by the novices?)


  19. I temple has turned into a petting zoo.

  20. Nice. Hopefully the path to "thinking for themselves." The most truthful path.


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