Friday, March 2, 2012


uniform is just that a sea of others
a sea of monks
but - there is only one tired monk

in these parts anyways

hair cropped skull cap tight
no locks of vanity
but everyone asks..."can I touch your head?"

big flowing robes
prayer beads swaying...swinging
wool socks in sandals...these winter days

the tired monk fades into one last aspect of his uniform
the ancient yellow headphones
of his sony walkman

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  1. So vivid... great ending, Ollie.

  2. Bittersweet mediation on the one in the many and the many in the one: who isn't wearing the human uniform, yet how many tired monks remain? The obsolecence of the Sony walkman is a nice synedcohe on our greater irrelevance -- I'm assuming you're over 50, too. - Brendan

  3. I love the touch of the headphones and the walkman - in his day, this monk was one cool dude. Tiredness aside, he still is.

  4. Beautiful visual and a touching melancholy.

  5. I'm with Kerry - one cool dude!!!! Love the "can I touch your head?" Like a touchstone, like a source of imparted serenity, like a......wait! No, NOT like a Blarney Stone. Hee hee. I love your poems, kiddo. I resonate with the tiredness.

  6. You're right about that! There IS only one Tired Monk. We are blessed to have him.

  7. I love the last stanza, how even when swallowed by the conforming nature of a uniform, he still has those yellow headphones. Nice!

  8. I go with Kerry. Despite being tired, you are one cool dude... :-)


  9. "in these parts anyways"

    That's an awesome touch.

  10. Really nice-- I've always loved your zen.

  11. you only left out the silence and chastity: two main components of the monk's uniform! Cute write, and of course I mean cute in the most sincere and professional way possible. Viva la

  12. I like the visuals in this piece and the ending is great..."the tired monk fades into one last aspect of his uniform the ancient yellow headphones of his sony walkman" His vow of silence enhanced by listening to the voices of others...nice work!

  13. Love it...the touchstone shaved head, the walkman to take us away...yes I do love this!

  14. "ancient yellow headphones" to love that!


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