Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a lesson?

novice monk
brimming with anger
loading bitter blocks...
caustic shoulder chips

they'll stack high
eventually break your spirit
before they break your back

tired monk ponders - what words to give...

...change your mind - change your path

Checkout this fine post.


  1. Hard to know what words will be heard. Harder to be a wise monk shepherding the young ones through. You are wonderful, Ollie. The novices are sooooo lucky! I mean it! They cant go wrong with you as their guide.

  2. I remember that novice feeling.

    Awesome work.

  3. Paths? Faith? Bliss? Easier said then done Olie. You sound proud. Sometimes the best sermon from the master is when he stays silent.
    "Doubt isn't the opposite of faith, it is an element of faith."
    -Paul Tillich

  4. Your wisdom is profound
    I am working on changing my path
    Thank you wise monk

  5. ohhhh ollie, sometimes i am burdened by caustic shoulder chips. what a brilliant and true way of expressing that. gotta throw that off! the challenge is to recognize when it's burdening you. love this one.

  6. Well impressed by this little piece. How deeply and inspiringly put.

  7. Oh I love this... Awesome! Thanks for sharing....


  8. Ahh, my achy shoulders, who knew...


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